1. * Smiley Balls is a casual game for mobile platforms.
    2. * The aim is to clear the level by shooting funny smiles on different targets. 
    3. * Addictive gameplay. 
    4. * Five different types of smiles with unique behavior.
    5. * Four seasons with 40 levels.
    6. * A lot ot bonuses. 
    7. * Great updates in the shop.
    8. * Suitable for any age and sex.
    9. * Free to play.




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Discover Smiley Balls


  Blue Smiley breaks the blue targets.
  When Blue Smiley hits a red target it becomes Red Smiley.
  Red Smiley breaks the red targets.
  When Red Smiley hits a blue target it becomes Blue Smiley.
  When Bomb Smiley hits a target it explodes and clears everything around.
  Grenade Smiley causes  a horizontal  explosion when it hits a target.

Stone Smiley doesn’t bounce. It breaks targets of any kind.


Score combo!

The more blue targets you hit with a Blue Smiley in a sequence (without hitting red ones in between), the greater combo bonus you get. The same applies to Red Smileys and red targets.

  The smileys cost manna, which recovers over time.
  Collect coins to get manna and upgrades from the shop.